Frequently Asked Questions About Massage


What can massage do for me?

  • Like acupuncture, massage is known to increase and improve circulation, eliminate toxins from the body, reduce pain by increasing dopamine (the body's natural pain killer), reduce edema and healing time in cases of injury, and increase white blood cell count beneficial to immuno-compromised patients.  It is used for daily stress, emotional health, discomfort and overall maintenance.

What should I expect?

  • First we meet with you to review your medical history and discuss what you want to achieve with your massage. A detailed intake is conducted to assure you that you are getting your needs met by your therapist

Do I need to undress for the massage?

  • For deep tissue, sports and Swedish massage, it is recommended to undress.  In general, the therapist will undrape the area that is being worked on while the rest of the body is covered.

How will I feel after the massage?

  • After receiving a massage, you may feel tired and chilly, but relaxed.  It is also very common to feel sore after the massage and for up to two days afterwards; this is called the 'healing crisis' that the body often goes through.

Is there anything I should do after the massage?

  • You should drink plenty of water to help flush out toxins.  Also, you should try not exercise for the first 24-48 hrs after a massage.

Is there anything "extra" that follows the massage?

  • No.  There is no 'happy ending' but you will receive a cup of water and some general suggestions from your therapist so that you may leave happy.